Throughout this project I learnt of new software, such as Adobe Fuse where the main purpose of the software is for creating character models. Maya I have gained firm knowledge on how to produce more efficient and detailed work, whilst learning of new tools and techniques. The graph editor, used quite a lot within my animation for smoothing out the ships movements across the water, ensuring that there are no sharp turns as the ship I made has no sails. I decided to produce the ship without sails as I my plan was to focus on capturing the natural movement of the ship, drifting on top of the water.

Many improvement could’ve been made within this project, as I lacked in many digital drawings and hand drawings of ships and various potential ideas. A splash from the water along with other wave physics were quite complicated, due to problems with frame rate and the animation speed was making it even harder to build up waves from friction. I had various plans but did not manage to get round to producing some of them such as creating my own sound effects and more concept art. However after gaining feedback on my work from friends and teachers, I made major improvements, such as going from my original idea of creating a physical pop up book to a 3D animation. I can see I made the right choice as feedback given is very positive on my ship model and the natural movement of it swaying within the water.

I highly enjoyed creating my animation, learning new things and producing a decent outcome. I should have better planned my whole project idea instead of hitting constant problems and produced more detailed planning in depth, visual and physically. Overall I am satisfied with my final animations outcome and the knowledge that I have gain in using Maya.



Below is my first quick testing of water, as I did not apply the physics within the final animation due to complications effecting computers. However I am satisfied with my final animation outcome as I portrayed the ships swaying physics correctly, whist displaying my ship model.

Below is a version I produced trying to create the waves physics clashing with the ship, however due to multiple complications trying to make the waves work accurately, the outcome does not look as I had hoped. The friction between the waves and the ship produced none realistic tides within the animation, such as when the ship capsizes forming very little waves which is not correct.



Costume and other various designs, along with my animation storyboard.



Below is a rough digital sketch of the ship that I shall be producing using the 3D software Maya. I am planning to have my ship designed as a warship, as those ships were designed to take on brutal punishment from enemy ships. While carrying cannons, soldiers and ammunition, barrels filled with cannon balls as the ships purpose was to destroy enemy ships. However due to carrying all of this heavy weight for combat, they are not as quick compared to other ships such as brigantines and frigates. The Spanish Galleon is a warship with its reinforced sides but lack of agility.


Boat sketches.jpg

Further down is just prop and cannon designs that may possibly be on my pirate ship.



Final Major Project development

Designing multiple looks and forming concept art ideas for my Pirate art game in the form of pop-up book, as i plan to display multiples levels within sections of my book. Currently I am debating weather to produce this book in either 3D, 2D or a mixture of both.

Image result for popup pirate book

Image result for pop up pirate book

As producing this style of work is new to me, I am researching on how to produce a pop-up book, possibly using other techniques such as pull-strips and automatic pull-strips.


After feedback from my teacher on my project, we had a discussion and came to a conclusion that I should create the booking within Maya, as an animation of the book displaying scenes of my game concept. Using the internet to gather my research data on how I will be producing my final major project such as software guidance.

My first time using Adobe Fuse I found very different, as I have never experienced using software specifically designed for creating 3D models of characters. Adobe Fuse is incredibly easy to use, as the customisation is similar to a game customisation as you can morph any part of the model, from head to toe. More accurate detail can be changed, through using the wireframes and faces of the model.


As you can see below, I tried to create a 3D model of two of my characters. Firstly trying to create Black Beard as close as possible to the potential costume design. It is possibly to make up the clothing from scratch, however multiple softwares will have to be using in order to build the clothing structure and textures. Current softwares I have learnt along with ones out of my knowledge range needed to be used, following a very complicated process. Making Black Beard using clothing provided within Adobe Fuse, I just change the textures to make it as close to pirate wear as possible.

Capture 2

Below is the second experiment with this software, trying to create a female pirate below. Produced using the same method as the Black Beard model, changing textures as my knowledge is very limited in using this beta software.

Capture 3

Vasa Ship:

Through producing various work medium and developing my final major project for the year, I had to build up a story for my animation using actual historical events to base my ideas around. I research into sinking ship events, discovering a ship known as the Vasa (or wasa) which was a Swedish war ship built between 1626 and 1628. Gustavus Adolphus, the king of Sweden ordered to have the ship built as “part of the military expansion he initiated in a war with Poland-Lithuania (1621–1629)”. A unfortunate action caused the Vasa to capsize into the ocean, as “thirty men ran back and forth across the upper deck to start the ship rolling, in order to test the boat to see if it could handle the motion”. However the “admiral stopped the test after they had made only three trips, as he feared the ship would capsize.”


Image result for Vasa (ship)

Image result for Vasa (ship)


Another sinking ship disasters, well known throughout history. Using this as an example in order to aid me with my 3D animation outcome and animation plan. The RMS titanic was well known for its enormous size, being 882 ft 9 in length and 175 ft in height. The Olympic class ocean liners, first the RMS Olympic, second the Titanic and third the HMHS Britannic. All three of the ships were the largest vessels of the White Star Line’s fleet (British ship company). The titanic was also well known for its unfortunate disaster as the ship collided with an iceberg, as the ship was heading for its destination from Southampton to New York City. The ship rolled upside down causing many passengers to drown as they were trapped in areas of the ship, aslo passengers froze to death trying to escape the ship as there was limited life boats, therefore impossible to swim in the ice water.  An estimate of 2,224 passengers and crew were aboard but more than 1,500 died that day.

RMS Titanic 3.jpg

Final Major Project Treatment

The title shall be called “Scurvy dogs”

3D animation.

My animation shall be between the time limit of 60-180 seconds.

Target Audience:
As this is a realistic 3D animation, the targeted audience is anyone at any age as the animation is not explicit.

The start of my animation is presented with a closed book on top of a table, opening up revealing multiple scenes within pages. Displaying scenery for pirates as animated movement is presented within each scene. Eventually the closing scene will be just of the book closing on itself.

Character Breakdown:
The main antagonist is the pirate Black Beard, trying to kill all pirates and rule over the seven seas. The main protagonist however is a man called D, who protects his crew mates as he values his own crews life. Other none main antagonist are Black Beard’s crew members, along with other none main protagonists D’s crew members.

Visual Elements:

Various effects of lighting shall be used within each scene, effecting the atmosphere of each scene as the lighting changes for different pages suiting the chosen environment.  Camera movement will be used, displaying the scene from various angles. Multiple props shall be used, such as cannons and barrels for example to build up the pirate layout.


Audio will either be made or gotten from the internet, and will change dramatically for each scene to suit the environment.


Originally I chose to do a physical pop up book, presenting a level as 2D 16 bit concept art. However after discussions with my teacher, we came to a new conclusion that my original idea would be altered. Producing a 3D realistic animation, I will need to study hard on how to produce realistic 3D models, as I lack knowledge using 3D software. Therefore this will be a great experience for me.

Primary and secondary research:

I have researched into various types of ships and what they’re specifically designed for. Also i plan to research further into weapons used by pirates and clothing.

Requirements and resources:

Possible audio from Free sound may be require, for sound effects and possible music sound. Creating my project work, Adobe Photoshop will be used to digitise my concept drawings. I will be using Maya to build the 3D model along with making the animation. Characters will be developed using Adobe Fuse.

Constraints and contingency:

Most likely problem with my creation process will be the actual creating of the model, as I lack the knowledge in creating what I have planned. Also doing the page flip with the scene structure popping out while an atmosphere builds up is going to be very challenging.


The whole project should only cost £12.00 as I pay monthly for Adobe software. Maya is for free therefore the project is very cheap to produce.


Final Major Project Moodboards

Through my research I have made multiple mood boards to project the potential styles and assets that shall be used within my final major project. Including weapons, costume, scenery and boats, as my theme is on pirates. 16 bit games mood board I produced for visual ideas on the concept art’s style.

Outfits 02Pirate WeaponsPirate Weapons 2Pirate shipsPirate propsPirate props 02Outfits


Animation Development

The animation process below is displaying me gradually creating my pirate ship for my 3D animation. Using the software Maya to build my models and entire scenery, along with using the software to animate.  Using the plane polygons, I crafted the base of the ship through merging extrusions and edges together, forming certain shapes to capture the image of my boat. I chose to create a combat Spanish galleon, as it resembles the typical pirate ship.

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Related image

Before building my decided ship, I produced a prototype within Maya, just to see how I can create the base of the ship along with the general shape.

Capture 23.PNG

Here is my made model of my pirate ship from different perspective views.

Boat print.jpg

Assets and finished VR promo trailer

Below are textures that were used within my digitised storyboard, as I created these within Adobe Photoshop. Such as the white round rectangles, creating multiple shapes and merging them together. The brown and yellow squares were created using the same process. However the blue texture was created by laying out multiple colours of blue using the brush tool, then warping them to form a whirl like pattern.

Crazy room texturefloor textureTable texture

I gathered sound effects and other audio from Free Sound, as I suggested placing in some interactive noise just before we finalised the trailer before completion. Below is our final VR trailer promo, Cupcake Chaos!!1!.


Below is a quick scrap drawing I did of my plan for our VR promo trailer. After we each drew our own storyboards, we came together and decided as a group that we shall be using my storyboard and Harry’s. Picking out drawn scenes from one another’s storyboard, in order to structure a great storyboard outcome.


Below is the final storyboard that I drew of our planned VR promo trailer. Obviously it is not a scrap drawing, as I wanted the storyboard to be presented clearly.

Scene 1- The opening scene of our company name.

Scene 2- Medium shot of kitchen from front view (first person).

Scene 3- Semi long shot of kitchen front view from another angle (first person).

Scene 4- Close up shot of cupcake staring at person (first person).

Scene 5- Close up shot of person grabbing frying pan (first person).

Scene 6- Medium shot of person holding pan, ready to smash the cupcake (third person).

Scene 7- Close up shot of person holding pan to smash cupcake (first person).

Scene 8- Close up shot of cupcake getting smashed (first person).

Scene 9- Medium shot of cupcake smashed remains on frying pan (third person).

Scene 10- Close up shot of person’s face going insane (third person).

Scene 11- Zoomed out shot of person in straitjacket within the isolation room (third person).

Scene 12- Final scene of game name/logo being displayed.

VR Story Board 01VR Story Board 02VR Story Board 03

Below is another version from my original storyboard, as I draw arrows and lines to symbolise actions, emotions and movement.


Below again is another version from my original storyboard, I experimented with inputting shadows and making it look like a grey scale type storyboard.


Below is my digitised version of my final storyboard, as I produced this within Adobe Photoshop. Scanning my drawing and importing it into Photoshop, I then used various tools, such as the pen tool, brush tool, marque tool and various other tools.

VR Story Board digital 01VR Story Board digital 02VR Story Board digital 03