1.2 Photoshop Intro: Layers + Selections

colourful squares on my face 01

This is another one of my set Photoshop tasks, to use certain tools to layer multiple squares and circles on top of a picture of my face as different colours and blend modes.


I started this process by going to ‘file’>’new’ and changed the centimetres to 10x10cm co create a square background layer.

Capture 2

After creating the square background, I placed a picture of myself in a new layer and held the ‘shift’ key to resize the photo to fit within the area without losing its original scale.

Capture 5

In order to make this square process accurate, I created a grid by going to ‘edit’>’preferences’>’Guides Grid & Slices’ to create my grid. I changed the ‘gridline every’ to 2 cm and ‘subdivisions’ to 1 cm.

Capture 3

After all that to display the grid, I went to ‘view’>’show’>’grid’ to make the grid appear in order to start my work.

Capture 6

After making a grid appear, I used the ‘rectangular marquee’ tool to selected each square area, then I went to ‘edit’>’copy merge’ to copy the selected area. Then after I went to ‘edit’>’paste special’>’place in space’ to copy the selected square area into a new layer.

Capture 7

Using the ‘paint bucket’ tool and the ‘rectangular marquee’ tool, I combined them together along with a new layers per square, in order to produce the coloured squares on separate layers to my original image’s squares. I did this encase I make any mistakes, so therefore I can removed the coloured square while still have the image’s original squares since it has been copied on a layer before being coloured.
Capture 8

I chose a wide variety of different blend modes to change the squares colour to create multiple effects on top of the portrait image of myself.

colourful squares on my face 02

This is the end result of my Photoshop creation, I found this task very simple, however it is very time consuming as I had to duplicate each square into a layer. I would like to improve my skills on this task in the future, as I could’ve thought about certain colour combinations and made proper use of the blend modes to make colours project in a more presentable format.

colourful squares on my face 01

This was my first square like edit I produce in Photoshop.


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