1.3 Photoshop Intro: Quick Mask Selections + Fills (Flat Style Illustration)

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 14.27.27

Furthering my skills and knowledge in Adobe Photoshop, I had been giving a new task explore certain tools such as the ‘magnetic lasso’, ‘polygonal lasso’, ‘paint brush’, ‘paint bucket’ and ‘quick mask’ mode. I had to recreate the chosen images shapes (shoe) using these tools. I started by making a background layer and pasting the image into a a new layer and copied the layer with the image in it, to have two copies encase mistakes are made, therefore I have a backup of the image.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 14.33.34

Using ‘quick mask’ mode I highlighted areas of the shoe’s patterns in order to start layering shapes on top of my chosen image to produce a ‘flat style’ illustration.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 14.39.59

After selecting my chosen area I used the ‘paint bucket tool’ to colour in the area to a bright red.

Capture 11

I used ‘quick mask ‘mode combined with the ‘paint brush tool’ to select more difficult shaped areas and smaller detailed areas. ‘Quick mask’ mode changes the colour of your view so you can see what area is being selected. So the area within the red display is my chosen selected area, I crafted by using the ‘paintbrush tool’ (the paintbrush colours must be set to there default option, white and black in order for this to work).

Capture 12

The finished result of my work, I hide the original layer with the shoe in it, to just display the shapes I created forming the shoe. I found this flat style artwork very irritating as I had to replicate smaller areas and shapes of the object, however I can see how this can be used to help produce future work. I would like to improve my skills on any type of work like this by thinking of better colour combination to represent different atmospheres, such as dark and dull colours for a depressing atmosphere and bright colours for a joyful atmosphere. I found it difficult trying to get the shapes to fill in gaps, in order to stop the white background layer showing through some areas.


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