1.5 Photoshop: Promo Flyer

For this Photoshop edit I’d been given a task to advertise a given product (object) as a promotional flyer. It has to be displayed in an environment that suits the product and in an environment that doesn’t suit. 


I started this task by creating an A5 layout.

Capture 2

Since my given product was a drill, I decided to get an image of a background displaying tools and symbolising a woodwork environment, which is where drills are needed.

Capture 3

I then continued the task by creating a headline slogan to help sell the product. using the ‘horizontal type tool’ I created a bold like font with a solid structure, by moving the letters closer together in a more advance options for the typography.

Capture 5

Capture 7

Promo Flyer 01

After pasting in the image of my chosen drill, I went to ‘layer’>’create clipping mask’ to clip the image of the drill into the letters in order to create a unique effect. This is my obvious environment task completed, however I would’ve like to present this flyer in a more effective away. Promo Flyer 02

This is the second flyer I did, placing the product in an unusual environment. Obviously a drill has nothing to do with tea, therefore I merged the too together to show a completely random flyer.

Overall I found it difficult to chose the right typography to match each flyer and to set up a presentational layout. I notice I could’ve produced these flyers at a higher standard, however I will learn how to improve my work by gaining future knowledge using Adobe Photoshop.


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