Architect Exposition – Poster Design

First poster alternative:

Rias poster alternative 01

Second poster alternative:

Rias poster alternative 02


Rias poster 05

The poster above I will be gaining ideas that I will be using for creating my first alternative poster. I created this using Adobe Photoshop, however the fire like background, I created this from using acrylic paint, forming brush strokes within my sketchbook. I wanted to see how my sketchbook work could crossover with my software edits, in order to give me ideas and new designs. I purposely produced portrait brush strokes to line up with the buildings slim form, effecting the atmosphere of the whole posters portrait layout.

Alternative number 1:
Warm colours were chosen to display a bright burning sensation atmosphere. An iconic building was used (The Gherkin) to represent different outlooks that architecture has an impact on many countries. The way buildings are designed and structure convey imagery or a message across, this unique building as it is a great example as it has an unusual form but an attractive appearance to the eye. This poster was created by first opening the image from my phone of my stroke painting, and set it as the background. A warm photo filter was used to help reinforce the heat I wanted to convey. Next the magic wand tool was used to cut out the unnecessary parts around the font, finally the horizontal type tool to type up relevant information from RIAS’s website.

The colour difference between the tainted red background, with the white logo really flows well together. The slight darkness within the overall image improves the logos contrast forcing it to project outwards, catching the eye of the public. A nice subtle piece of information at the bottom of the poster in a small font.

Alternative number 2:
Simplified layout, projecting the main focus on the logo and letters. Therefore this catches the public’s eye bringing attention upon the poster, after a while the public start to recognise the square like shape that symbolises RIAS Festival of Architecture. The slight colour change within the font, I find this very effective as the key piece of information is formed in a presentable view. Through creating this, I had constantly experiment with adjustments to what the outcome will form. The layout of this poster was changed to landscape, possible sense of movement due to the leaning tower having room to fall within the landscape layout.

Final poster:

Final poster.jpg

My final poster design completed using Adobe Photoshop as I found this most useful in order to create a poster. Inspiration was gained from the poster “MmmSkyscraper I Love You” as the black and white display always captured by all along with its abstract effect. The typography could have been improved, by using a wider variety of fonts and typefaces. The building chosen, which is called ‘Darbishire Place, Peabody Housing’, was one of Riba National Award winners 2015. The Structure of this being is outstanding as it is dignified, with its refined proportions and details. This poster I found lacked many letters, revealing empty spaces needing to be filled. However the text within the top right corner flows well with the posters atmosphere, as the text overlaps itself slightly while vanishing within areas but still remaining readable. Information from RIAS’s website is the text on the poster as it is relevant. I would like to improve my skills, anything related to this black and white style, in future I shall learn to do so by experimenting and learning new skills using Adobe Photoshop.

Capture A 01

Capture A 03

Capture A 02

Capture A 04


Rias poster 01

This black and white layout was my first attempt for planning the way my poster was going to be presented. I was inspired by poster ‘mmm… Skyscraper, I Love You’ because of its black and white effect and the way it is presented

Sketchbook Work

Below is experiments with various media and poster plannings I produced, to plan out how I shall produce my posters on RIAS. Using my created backgrounds to present my posters in a digital format.










IMG_6704 (2)

Below is my finalised drawings for my posters, presenting most of them at a portrait layout, commonly used for posters. I drew one at a landscape layout just to see the visual outcome.

File_000File_001 (1)File_002




The posters below are my other designs I produced using Adobe Photoshop, however most of them were planned out and designed, whereas some were just produced without planning and just for practice. The logo presented in the top left corner, whilst the whole poster has a black and white as I wanted to maintain that colourless image. Using skyscrapers as my background scene, related to architecture making the purpose of the poster obvious along with the RIAS logo.

Rias poster 02

The spinnaker tower standing out on a clear day, I made a gradient texture changing from pink to blue across the poster. A very high use of vibrant colours, nearly presenting a neon like outcome.

Rias poster 04 (plan 1)

The oil pastel background using cool colours, buildings slightly appearing from behind. The texture of the oil pastels did not flow well with the landscape poster, as it looks unclear to read due to the dark purple shade. However it was just an  experiment with the colours and Photoshop edit to see the outcome.

Rias poster 06

This poster I tried to produce my own style typography by making pieces of the text shatter, there is a really red tint. The original poster was much less red, however it came out vibrant red when I posted this on my blog. Tricking the eye making it seem like you are looking up towards the buildings at a low view. The shattered text floating into the air, improves the perspective view, as it seems like the text is high up with the skyscrapers.

Rias poster 03


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