58 – Sound in Interactive Media

Type of production


Computer Game Level – how long/what kind of scene/intention of loop?


My sound loop is going to be approximately 1.30-2 minutes long. I am planning to give of a post apocalyptic effect, zombies, gunfire, explosions, people screaming and the environment breaking down like buildings collapsing, along with roads. The sound loop will be presented with different adrenaline shocks, so for example starts of with a rush and increases dramatically with sudden action effects, along with certain sounds fading to present distance per noise. Catastrophic destruction sounds affects the player as the sounds imply that it is an apocalypse.




Did it cost anything e.g. Stock music purchases?


I am planning to make this cost free as I will be collecting various sounds from https://freesound.org/ and possibly recording sounds myself.




Produce a weekly planner:

01- Research: I had been given a task to research audio and sound for an existing game, with the minimum of 500 words. Chose Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Amnesia The Dark Descent.


07- Submission of Pt1
02- Research: Second week continuing the research going into more depth into each game’s sound effects.



06- Creating first sound loop for final audio apocalyptic race track.
03- Experimenting: Testing out a variety of different sounds related to my concept, by mixed certain sounds and editing then I various ways. Shortening them, extending, distorting etc.


07-Editing first final audio
04-Experimenting: Testing out a variety of different sounds related to my concept, by mixed certain sounds and editing then I various ways. Shortening them, extending, distorting etc.


08- Finishing off first audio loop and starting to create second sound loop.
05 -Experimenting: Testing out a variety of different sounds related to my concept, by mixed certain sounds and editing then I various ways. Shortening them, extending, distorting etc.


09- Editing second audio loop.
06 -Preparing for Pt1 submission


10- Finishing off second audio loop for my apocalyptic race.


Was anyone else involved in the production?


No one else was involved within the sound making production; I produced the work myself using my ideas. Along with finding the music and choosing what will be suitable for my sound loop.




Computer/Software requirements – Recording equipment use?

For some of my audio sounds, I used my iPhone 6 to record cars passing by on the streets and traffic. Also the software I used were Garage Band and Adobe Audition.




Names of people involved with any used sound files.

Well I gained some of the audio from Free Sound, so here are the names I got my music from:






Where did you use the computers? Recording locations?

I used Apple Mac computers at Kingston College grounds within their college ground. I recorded on my phone near Crystal Palace Station and Bromley Common’s road.


Health and Safety


Sound Levels/Working at computers/etc

While working at a computer, not only the computer but the environment that the worker is in must be ensure that it is up to health and safety regulations. No wires should be trailing away from the computer area, encase some trips and has an accident. Food and drinking products should not be near any computers, due to hygiene and possibly electric shocks, due to the drink.

Also when there noise limiters are placed on headphones to prevent people from going deaf.



Codes of Practice


MCPS-PRS/TIGA/BIMA clearances to use files

PRS- PRS (performing Right Society) for music is an organisation that enables organisations to ‘play, perform or make available copyright music’, by giving them a license. The value of copyright is promoted and protected by this organisation. A license can be given by RPS, on your premises if music is played for someone else (customer or staff), via radio, TV e.t.c. Then this breaches the copyright act 1988, as you need permission from the holder to play music in public.

‘Copyright licensing is flexible: for all songs registered with us we can license the many and varied ways organisations want to use music: we can provide licences for a one off event or product to a three year agreement, and we can cover music used in a specific venue right up to regional or global use’.


Sound file list


What specific files did you use/how long/etc?

From free sound:
100268__omar-alvarado__bomb.flac (1:09 minutes)

180156__klankbeeld__traffic-horns-city-nervous-busy.wav (0:42 seconds)

242740__marlonhj__engine.wav (0:02 seconds)

150337 Ears68 F1practice3melbgp2012dr066.mp3 (1:41 minutes)

My own recordings:

Passing Car.mp3 (0:05 seconds)

Cars Passing 01.mp3 (0.12 seconds)

Cars Passing 02.mp3 (0.08 seconds)

Passing Cars 03.mp3 (0.1 second)

Cars Passing 04.mp3 (0.05 seconds)

Cars Passing 05.mp3 (0.2 seconds)

These are experiments I did, testing and editing. I edited and created a new remix from using the original remix’s of James Browns music. Variety of instruments were used as I created my own audio from the start, using Garage Band I played different instruments to create a sound loop. However for the James Brown remix, I used Adobe Audition to pick out sections from the originals and fused them together.


Final Sound Loop 01:

Final Sound Loop 02:

For my first sound loop, a fast rhythm to make it seem like the player is rushed and must move as quickly as possible within the race against their opponents. A low bass presenting a dark, dangerous atmosphere making the whole apocalyptic atmosphere more effect. As this is suited for my end of the world apocalyptic theme, the sounds of gunfire, crows and explosions present an image of war and disaster. Crows hinting dead bodies are lying around on the race track landscape, war between teams as they race through the end of the world, survival of the fittest using any weapons to kill one another. Using my own recordings of cars passing, mixed in with sounds from Free Sounds making them noises fade in connecting to form a loop of sound. Ensured within this loop that a constant pace of danger is all around the player to get there adrenaline to enhance their gameplay experience and enjoyment.

The second sound loop is set with a different weather or even possibly a different area as there is a constant shower of endless rain throughout the race. An even faster rhythm was heard throughout the loop, vehicles passing at high speeds while being chased within a city as police go on pursuit after the racers and player. Thunders storms happening for an enhancement of the weather, rain gets heaver towards the end and slight splashing noises are heard as vehicles race on the wet traction. However the starting of the loop for quiet a few seconds lacks vehicles passing, therefore making a unnecessary buildup which effects the sound loops potential high standard. I found that I lacked certain sounds within both of my sound loops as my race tracks passes a bus stop where all school kids get off or on, therefore I could have placed screaming teenagers in my sound loops to make a more realistic effect.


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