Unit 07 and 63- Task 2: Research and analysis interfaces

Motor Storm Apocalypse is a 2011 3D racing game developed by Evolution Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The game is exactly as the name implies, racing through collapsing buildings, explosions, natural disasters and rifts being opened up from the ground. The games environments is based on an urban setting, however the track can drastically change due to earthquakes shifting the landscapes surface or bridges collapsing forcing a change of driving routes. Short cuts and long routes are formed due to the sudden changed in the environments landscape.


This game does not have an interface, however on the bottom left it has a boost meter, using boost allows the player to temporarily increase the vehicle’s acceleration and top speed. However constantly using boost causes a warning sign to appear in the boost meter indicating that the vehicle is going to explode unless the player stops using the boost immediately. The meter is effected within different environments, for example when a vehicle is near something producing heat such as fire, then the boost meter increases faster making the vehicle quicker to explode if boost is overused. Different environments effect vehicles boost positively or negatively.



Another inspiration towards helping me with my driving game interface is, The Crew, a 2014 driving game with intensely detailed graphics and unique game play presentation, developed by Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflections and published by Ubisoft. The game is set in an open world environment with the map which is split into five regions, east coast, the midwest, the south, mountain states and west coast.


The crews first person interface display is highly enhanced even for little features, the mini map and electronic speedometer on the bottom left of the screen both have an angel with a 3D appearance rather than 2D. Real cars are used within this game therefore is has a recognisable car dashboard, but with new adjustments such as the mini map, electric speedometer and the time lap features. Well presented use of colours is displayed, darkened colours projects the contrast of the white forcing a clear display even for the smaller details. A basic real life like atmosphere is kept to make the player feel like they’re in the game themselves, 3D holograms of arrows indicating the waypoints route and laps, timer and racers position is displayed on the top right of the screen.


Capture 2

This dials with its 3D like effect, a rev meter is shown with a warning colour once the dial reaches to a high rev. Again the use of colour gives the player a clear view of what is happening, how fast they’re going along with visual effects and details can be seen by producing colours that compliment one another to boost the visual view. I can see that a lot of thought really went into this game with its detail and little adjustments, colour was thought about carefully, a lot of black is used since it flows well with every colour along with its serious powerful shade. Whereas Motor Storm Apocalypse concept is focused mainly on the each maps landscape design ensuring that the player experience the full potential of racing through the apocalypse. I shall make use of each games different strengths and combine areas of their styles in order to help me produce great ideas for my driving interface.

The ford Focus dashboard displays lots of icons and unique features that I shall be going into more detail about. I have chosen some that may be relevant for possible enhancements on vehicles within my driving game.

Ford Focus oil pressure dashboard warning light
Oil pressure warning light:
This is the Ford Focus oil pressure dashboard warning light. If the oil pressure light stays on after starting the vehicle or illuminates whilst driving, this indicates a malfunction.

Ford Focus ABS dashboard warning light
ABS warning light:
Ford Focus ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) ignition dashboard warning light. If the ignition warning light illuminates whilst driving, it is indicating a malfunction.

Ford Focus red cog with red
Powertrain warning light:
Ford Focus red cog with red exclamation mark warning light. The red cog with a red exclamation mark warning light signifies a fault with the powertrain.

Ford Focus traction control off warning
Traction control off light:
Ford Focus traction control off warning light. If traction control is manually switched off, the dashboard warning light will illuminate.

Ford Focus traction control dashboard warning
Traction control light:
Ford Focus traction control off warning light. If traction control is manually switched off, the dashboard warning light will illuminate.



Here are some common dash board warning lights:

 Engine warning light

Engine oil warning light Oil pressure dashboard warning light

Batter warning light Battery charge warning light

Engine overheating light Engine overheating dashboard symbol.

Seat belt dashboard light Seat belt dashboard warning light.

Tyre pressure warning light Tyre pressure warning light.

Here are some lighting indicators and symbols:

Turn Signal Indicator Turn signal indicators.

Headlamp Indicator Symbol Headlamp indicator symbol.

High-beam Assistant Indicator High-beam assistant symbol.

Tail Light Out Indicator Symbol Tail light out indicator symbol.

Here are symbols that are intended to point out routines needed for the vehicle:

Low Fuel Indicator Fuel or low fuel indicator symbol.

Windshield Washer Fluid Low Indicator Windshield washer fluid low indicator.

Door Ajar Warning Indicator

Trunk Hatch Ajar Warning Door ajay or door open indicator.

All these symbols and indicators are needed within a vehicle because they inform the driver what’s wrong with the vehicle that’s causing it problems and how to operate the car along with which indicator or symbol is meant for.



Intellectual Property Law (IP)- This deals with the rules for legal rights to designs and inventions by enforcing and securing the legal rights. Just as the law protects ownership of personal property and real estate, so too does it protect the exclusive control of intangible assets. These laws purposes gives people motivation to develop creative works, letting people know that they gain benefit or profit from their works without having their work stolen by others.

Copyright- The copyright law was created in order to protect ones creations, such as literary, dramatic, musical, artistic works, sound recordings, broadcasts, films and typographical arrangement of published editions. This ensures the owners of the creations work isn’t stolen or used without their consent, if done it breaches the copyright law which is illegal.

The Mercedes 140A, I took pictures of inside my car to show the icons display and also took pictures of the dashboard.










Formula 1 Scuderia Ferrari:
For many, Ferrari and Formula One racing have become inseparable. The only team to have competed in every season in F1 history, the Prancing Horse has grown from the humble dream of founder Enzo Ferrari to become one of the most iconic and recognised brands in the world. Ferrari is sponsored by  Alfa Romeo, Philip Morris International, Santander, Shell, Hublot, TNT Energy Drink, Kaspersky Lab, América Móvil,Weichai Holding Group Co., Ltd. and UPS.


Formula 1 Red Bull Racing:
Red Bull had already been a long-term sponsor in Formula One racing before formally entering as a works team following the acquisition of Jaguar in November 2004. The scale of success that followed over the next decade has been staggering. Racing Bull’s partners are Total, Tag Heuer, Puma, Exness, Rauch, Pepe Jeans London, Hisense, AT&T, Siemens PLM, IBM Platform Computing, Hexagon, DMG MORI, PWR, Ansys, Pirelli, Scott, Sabelt, Flir, OZ Racing and Matrix.



Branding is ideas or images is marketed in order to gain recognition out to the public and media, also to be identified with a certain service or product when there are many other companies offering the same service or product.

A gaming brand for example, SEGA are well known for their game creations and joint games with Nintendo. SEGA are also well known for their character creations such as Sonic there hedgehog, people recognise SEGA through characters such as Sonic, using social media such as Twitter and Facebook to boost their brands awareness by using multiple methods to get their logo and characters out there.




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