Unit 07 and 63- Task 1: planning

Issued date Friday 6th November 2015- Deadline January 29th 2016

Friday 6th- Create mind map.

Between 6th-12th, creating designs of speedometers using Adobe Illustrator.

Thursday  12th November- Expand on mind map for a wider range of ideas.

Friday 13th November- Ask teacher for key points what to look for on starting research on interface elements.

Between 13th-19th, Start research on existing driving games.

Thursday 19th November- Gain help from teacher with research.

Friday 20th November- Gain more help on research and key points.

Between 20th-26th, finding ways how to link my research to dash boards and Formula 1.

Thursday 26th November- Gain feedback

Friday 27th November- Produce some idea rough drawings.

Between 27th-3rd, doing idea sketches of speedometers and dashboards.

Thursday 3rd December- Ask class members on ways to improve sketch ideas.

Friday 4th December- Ask teacher for ideas on my sketches.

Between 4th-10th, produce more detailed accurate sketches.

Thursday 10th December- Do more research.

Friday 11th December- Possibly do some work on Cinema 4D.

Between 11th-17th, experiment using Adobe software.

Thursday 17th December- Make race track shape using Cinema 4D

Friday 18th December- Work on race track.

Between 18th-24th, develop sketches and ideas somehow.

Thursday 24 December- Gather more ideas from class members.

Friday 25th- Work of the class members suggestions.

Between 25th-31st, more sketches.

Thursday 31st December- Post some of my work on my blog.

Friday 1st January 2015- Annotation towards my work.

Between January 1st-7th, more annotation.

Thursday 7th January- Experiment with visual ideas

Friday 8th January- Work on visual experiments.

Between January 8th-14, start creation of racing teams.

Thursday 14th Janurary- Get help with team key ideas from teacher.

Friday 15th January- Work on teams.

Between 15th-21st, work on posting more work on my blog and work on finshing of teams.

Thursday 21st January- Work on putting work together.

Friday 22nd January- Post more work on blog.

Between January 22nd-28th, finish of putting the whole interface piece together.

Thursday 28th January- Write evaluation with possible teacher suggestions.

Friday 29th January- Finish off evaluation.


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