Unit 03 and 53- Warburton’s Animation Treatment and research

  • It’s a dark miserable day, pouring rain while the focus of the start of the animation is on a woman that is having a bad day as she misses her bus.
  • Next scene man is eating Warburton’s bread in a cafe, he sees woman walk past him, she trips and falls .
  • He helps her and hears that she is hungry, he gives her half of his Warburton bagel and they eat together at cafe.
  • A few days later, both in supermarket purchasing Warburton’s bread.
  • They bump into each other within the supermarket, both holding Warburton’s bread.
  • Hang out together after that and the girl writes down his number (using a I love Bolton pen).
  • They spend time together doing activities.
  • 10 years later they’re married and have kids.

This story is set within Central London.

A teenage girl is having a terrible day, she trips near a road and her stuff falls out her bag, However but she meets a man that helps her discover Warburton’s bread and turns her life around for the better. From time to time they spend a lot of time together sharing their favourite bread which is Warburton. After a few years later,the woman and man are in a relationship with a family of their own. At the end one of the parents is giving their kids Warburton’s fresh read.


Branding is when a business uses various methods to get their brand image across to the public. For example Apple use branding by placing their logo on all their created products, their branding is very effective as everyone recognises Apple’s logo worldwide due to the fact that their simple fruit logo is branded on their products. Different strategies make branding even more effective through multiple adverts displaying a wide range of a business’s products. Another example  for Frosties cereal, one of their advertisements has the sugary crunchy tasting cereal which is called Frosties. It has the Frosties animal character Tony the Tiger, eating the product and saying his catch phrase for Frosties which is ‘they’re gr-r-reat!’ When people see Tony the Tiger they will automatically be reminded of the cereal Frosties and the owners which are Kellogg’s. Catch phrases can also remind the public about a certain business’s branded products. The point to branding is to benefit a business by increasing brand awareness and to gain a great reputation.

Advertising is a form of communication which involves marketing, designed for the purpose of promoting or selling a business’s products or services. Advertising can be produced in many different creative ways in order to get the public’s attention such as through the internet, newspaper, face to face, email, blog, billboard, radio, posters, on the side of busses, Television and many more.

The film Toy Story Developed in 1995, produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. Here is the story board for toy story, Pixar’s idea is that the artist is given a script and converts that into visual knowledge by creating thousands of storyboards, representing each characters emotional change seen through their body language and actions. Eventually once the creators are happy, they start to computer generate the characters and placed them into action.





Another famous animation is Wallace and Gromit, they amazing clay stop motion animation. The process is started with highly detailed story boards drawn out get a grasp on the ideas of the scene/characters,  ‘the films are shot one frame at a time, moving the models of the characters slightly to give the impression of movement in the final film’. The models are constructed using Plasticine, since this is stop motion it takes an incredibly long amount of time, one of the films took 15 months to create. However for some effects such as smoke, fire or anything impossible to create using stop motion, are rendered by a computer animation specialists.



Mood board.jpg

Mood board 2.jpg

Animation Timeline 01.jpg



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