Adobe Flash

The process is started by highlighting a range of chosen frames by right which will appear blue. Then clicking on the highlighted frames you select create motion tween, in order to start the animation process.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 15.28.55

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 15.29.44

Motion tween

highlight frames, then right click and create motion tween

move spaceship to see motion tween line appear



hover over line to see 90 degree angel. or bendy line



use shape tool to draw out circles, copy them.

click on shapes then go to modify then modifty to symbol, then you ca drag the shape out of the libary.

need to modify it so the tool can regognise what it is working on.

the end key frame will be the ball things last movement.

modify the catipillar, make sure pin on top right is click before modifiyng to make sure the catipillar gets coppied.

to makw catipliar move with motion, open file new, the drago the catipillar in there from smybols on the libary menu.

then command enter to see the preview


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