Particle Effect

First open up After Effects and create a new Composition and select the following settings.


Create a new solid CTL+Y or go to layer, then new, then solid in the top menu bar.

Untitled 2.png

Go to the effects panel and search for particle systems 2 and drag it onto the composition stage.

Untitled 3

Under the effects controls panel, some new options will have appeared.

Untitled 4

Apply the following changes





Make sure that motion blur is applied by turning on the following symbol.





Clicking the box with moving circles will apply a motion blur.



Using the effects panel and the same process, apply the following effects and changes.


The end hierarchy should appear in the following order.



The following settings are as follows


Fast Blur






Vector Blur








Directional Blur

















Curves – There are two curve effects created with one affecting the alfa channel only and the other only affecting the red channel.























Turbulent Displacement – The turbulent displacement settings can be keyframed to allow for a more natural flame.




Glow – It is important to not make the glow too strong, as a more natural flame would be required.



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