Unit- Animated Alphabet

Task 3 :
As you can see I produced the plan from idea 3, using the materials, prop and lighting to create the full effect. I decided to use leaves instead of bamboo because leaves were an easier prop to find, along with I struggled of thinking a way to form the letter P using bamboo, besides cutting it and bending which I thought would be quite challenging. Bamboo would have been a great idea as it symbolises a panda since it is a high percentage of their diet, black and white colours were used as imagery as it represents a panda’s yin yang colour.

Task 4:
Personally I highly like this animation as the music gives it that energetic vibe, even for that short 6 seconds. The outcome of the animation’s moment came out better than I expected. I asked members of my classmates and teachers both their opinions on my animations. For positives, the animation is very neat, got great use of musical rhythm as it fits in with the timings at the start and at the end. Also the panda looking smiley face on the bottom right was an enjoyable touch for everyone. For negatives, the video shakes due to the photos being taken in different positions. My goal was to make this animation stand out for the few seconds it is playing for, attracting the audience’s attention.


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