Unit 03 and 53- Evaluation

Throughout this unit I was learning about animation in depth, discovering various animation techniques such as drawn animation which is where one drawing is replaced by another in a sequence. Each drawing is slightly different from the one before, like a flip book or a storyboard, it is simple to produce however it takes a while to finish depending on how many drawings are done.

Cut-out animation is a technique where cut out objects or shapes, using things such as paper or card are moved around laid on top of a background scene.  This technique is simple to produce the artwork, however it is difficult to have multiple objects moving at the same time as the technique sometimes can be a stiff awkward animation instead of a smooth one.

A difficult animation technique that also takes a while to perfect is model and stop motion animation. This involves using materials, usually clay or plasticine to create a three dimensional model, anything that can be formed into a three dimensional model can be used. However stop motion can be both two dimensional and three dimensional objects, using a camera to take a picture of each changed position of the model or objects. Eventually these shots are put together as a piece of film and will give the impression of the models moving very sharply or very smoothly depending on how many shots were take per second. Models can be used repetitively and have copies to lessen time when producing animations, however depending on the individual model it can make the process even longer as joints or certain areas of the model can be challenging to produce a certain outcome when animating.

Now the most common used within the current generation, which is computer generated animation. This is when the animation is done using a computer such as three dimensional models and sets. Images and drawings and be scanned onto the computer or be made onto the computer itself, in my research in this project you can see an image of the toy story characters being computer generated. Models can be scanned into the computer as wire-frame models, which are gradually built up into a coloured and textured form.

My animatic animation that I created from scanning my hand drawn storyboard and uploading it to Adobe After Effect, since I had some experience practising animation (as you can see on my blog) I found it difficult to produce the animation. I struggled quite a lot as I find some features of the software complicated within some areas, for some of the things that I was trying to achieve. However I highly enjoyed learning about animation throughout this course, as I learned about new software and different animation techniques, even though I struggled quite a bit. But some of Adobe After Effects was quire easy like position control and other controls used over the animation. I enjoyed creating some of my characters using Adobe Photoshop as I wanted to see how they would look on technology, my design for the characters were simple shaped forms as there were no circular display from the characters.My work was not up to the standard that I was aiming for, however I have learned from my mistakes and experience in areas which are lacking and I will therefore improve in the future.



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