Game Theory

Cat-opoly (Board Game):

This was the first board game I played for this assignment, the game was a different version of the original board game Monopoly. As is says in the game title, it was a cat version, where the figure characters are cat food and cat toys, along with a new design on the board replaced with cats.


You go around the board buying as many cats as possible, while not losing all your money in order to cause someone to land on your purchased cat. Therefore forcing them to pay you the given rent price. Also houses are purchase in order to increase the rent of your own can, therefore it will increase the charging price if someone lands on it, forcing them to lose more money. However like normal monopoly the game can change drastically with benefits or disadvantages for players, getting the special cards ‘cat-astrophe’ (catastrophe the card giving a player negative effect), whereas getting the ‘purrrfect’card (Perfect, giving the player an advantage as the card itself is beneficial). This game is can be one using the clever tactics, however with bad luck you could easily lose.

Information Set:

You roll the dice to see how many spaces you move on the board game, along with information display on each square on the board. As you can see on this image of the board game, there is different prices, different cat breeds and spaces giving instructions/commands on individual spaces. Minus the information that the board is giving the player, the instructions is a major key in order to play the game correctly. As it provides the players information on how to play, how much money each player gets and how actions while playing effect anybody. Numeral and visual information is displayed on the game, making the game easy to understand.


The game is won by whoever has the most money at the end of the game. However there are other ways to clarify the winner, one way is that whoever completely runs out of all their money means its they’re out of the game permanently, eventually leading to a winner possibly. Another way can be debatable between players, voting on who the winner based on how much money they have along with how many cats and house they own.


Ultimate Chicken Horse (PC Game):

Ultimate Chicken Horse is a PC platforming game which involves you and other players completing the designed course which is created by you and the other players. I highly enjoy playing this game as you can play online with friends while trying to challenge one another, with the creative characters.

Image result for ultimate chicken horse


The goal of the game is to race to the end and get there before your opponents do, however you have to build the course to help you reach the goal while trying to make it difficult for the other players using various traps . My personal strategy that I like to troll people with is when I have the most points at the moment in the game, I make the course extremely difficult for everyone including myself. Doing this forces me to win eventually possibly as there is a certain amount of rounds before the game ends, however there is a bomb item given to players in order to destroy some of the course, making it easier for players depending on how they use it. But in this game you could potentially win with dumb look or someone accidentally killing themselves with their own trap.

Information Set:

The game informs you on how to play through the instructions book in the game menu and also hints pop up at times giving you little tips and advice. As you start a game you are presented with the a certain amount of items to choose from, once you select an item, u gain knowledge about it once you use it and see if it benefits you or hinders you. A score board is presented at the end of each round (which is when everyone has died, made it to the end or the round has ended due to other reasons). The game presents various ways on how to achieve points in order to win the game, the point score is displayed using different colours. So orange is for killing someone with a trap you placed, light blue is for getting to the goal on your own and other points can be achieve in other ways. Items change each round so its a continuous random selection of maybe deadly weapons (buzz saw, arrows, black holes etc.) or useful items (the coin for bonus points).


Capture 2.PNG


You win the game by scoring the most points either before the game ends or have the most points at the end of the game. Through other tactics such as traps, points can be achieve incredibly quick or incredibly slow depending on many things, who dies, how they die and who reaches the goal first.



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