Single Camera Techniques


Comedy- A genre designed to attract a targeted audience or any age range of audience, by displaying humorous vibes to the audience through various ways. Through voice, motion, gestures and continuations from there, the key is to give people the joyful laughter to attract their attention. However there are different types of comedies as each individual has different humour, therefore certain types of comedies where designed for a someones specific enjoyment. For example black comedy is more the dark side of humour such as death,rape and drugs, whereas spoof comedy is taking recreating a book or film and turning it into humour, by making fun of it. An example of black comedy is the film ‘Bad Santa’ as it takes terrible influences like drugs and alcohol projects a humorous atmosphere, it could also maybe classified as a spoof due to it using Christmas films and making fun of the idea of Christmas.

Serial- A mostly common genre within the current century as typical television programs are based of serial. Serial is continuation of  a plot unfolding on both radio or television, done through a sequence of episode by episode. The idea of this is to keep the audience hungry for more, as each ends they want to find out what happens on the next episode, like a cliff hanger all the time making the audience guess what the next episode will be like. Recaps are often shown at the start of each episode to give the audience a reminder on what happened on the previous episode. For example the television program ‘The Walking Dead’ has serial as the main story unfold, following from different characters perspective on how life is for them. Various camera techniques are used in walking dead, an ‘extreme long shot’ you can see, with a combination of lighting and sound boost the overall atmosphere effect of the scene in the moment. The distanced view showing everyone kneeling before a man with a bat with a darkened background, giving the thought of silence, shows the audience that this is a very serious scene. A ‘close up’ technique shows the characters facial expression, displaying despair in his eyes as a barbed wired bat is being pointed as him.

Image result for the walking dead negan sceneImage result for the walking dead negan scene

Soap Opera- This genre is similar to serial as it is based on television and radio programs continuation through a series, however soap opera mainly focuses on many different characters, instead of keeping the point of interest on one main character. It is a drama genre, ‘Coronation Street’ is a great example for soap opera, as the program develops each episode through viewing from different characters perspective each episode.

Internet and DVD- Publishing any sort of media to the internet obviously has a broad range of advantages, as the internet is used by everyone in the world. Using the internet can expand awareness of  creator/published piece through websites, social media (Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook), reach the whole world very easily and quickly, the cost is very cheap publishing on the internet making it efficient. However publishing by DVD would be less beneficial as the cost is higher, people are more likely to have internet than a DVD player limiting it DVD publishing’s awareness.


Narrative Structure:

Linear and Non-linear- Linear is the structure of how a story is set out, focusing on creating the story leading up to the ending without skipping forward or back in time throughout the story. Linear builds up the story starting with introducing who the main character or characters are, along with their situations. Along the story the middle part, where the main objective or conflict appears getting the audience interested in how the scene is gonna play out. Finally the ending as the main character or characters are forced to confront the situation head one in order to resolve the final situation. Building up the character journey throughout the story, a straight simple narrative structure is what linear is about. However non-linear breaks out of this simple story telling, through using other methods such dream immersions, narrating another story within the  plot-line. It breaks away from that linear realism, having flash backs, approaching from unrealistic perspectives in order to full the audience in about the story piece by piece. The film ‘Click’ as continuous flash backs and flash forwards are used to tell the story of the main character and his journey.


Open ending and Closed ending- Open endings are used to infuriate the audience by leaving a major key or conflict unresolved, giving that suspense to the audience, forcing questions to come into their minds wondering what will happen next and will the story ever get an answered ending. This is a cliff hanger, a good way in keeping the audience attached and ready for continuation of the story to be told which may possibly not happen. A film called ‘The Gift’ has an awful ending that is left unresolved and forces the audience to guess while infuriated. The ‘long shot’ camera technique shows the environment around the focused person or object within the scene, as you can see the main character from ‘The Gift’ is all alone as the camera views the whole hallway displaying emptiness. Imagery comes into the audiences minds as emptiness implies sadness along with his body expression curled up, hands on head in distress in aid of help.

Capture 3.PNG

The film ‘Batman vs Superman’ makes use of this scene by building up to this moment, with a dark rainy environment. ‘Close up’ technique is used to display their facial expressions, displaying that inner anger for one another, along with ‘two shot’.

Image result for batman vs superman scenes

However a closed ending satisfies the audience knowing that the story has come to a final conclusion ending, causing no confusing amongst the audience due to not leaving an unresolved ending. The film ‘Harry Potter’ has a nicely done closed ending as all the main issues were resolved leading up to a closed ending with all questions answered. The single camera technique ‘two shot’ which is when only two people are displayed in that scene, which can show the connection or emotional bond between the two. As you can see in ‘Harry Potter’ along with the dim lighting, you can sense a negative atmosphere of conflict coming from the two, also through the body language of a hand digging into the characters face, crushing his face.

Image result for harry potter scenes


Lighting- The key feature in a story as that effects everything, from making a shot influence the audience by making them think it is a dark scary place, due to the dim lighting or even effect the atmosphere. A very high tinted orange contrast could symbolise a very hot environment, where as a blue tinted light symbolises cold ice environment. This effects every camera technique as lighting is always used even in the most subtlest ways.

Editing- Editing a film/story is vital for improvement seeing what little changes or effects could bring to the outcome. The camera technique ‘cross cutting’ is mainly used in action scenes, as the camera jumps from one angle or perspective to another, sharply jumps giving that sense of fast movement as the action goes on the camera is adjusting to the fighting scene dramatically. If the camera moved slow around a fight that would kill the effect of quick pace heat of the moment, along with if it was a chase scene then its got to be quick and sharp movement, to make the audience feel like they’re a part of the scene.


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