Noir Trailer Ideas

Idea 1

(Scene 1 The interrogation)- An on-going murder investigation, as the detective is trying to catch the killer by investigating suspects who may have been involved. An integration happens between the detective and main suspect. Eventually information is gained and the detective leaves to chase down another mentioned suspect from the interrogation room.

(Scene 2 The chase)- A chase scene between the detective and the suspect, as the suspect does a runner after the detective demands them to come with him. The scene suddenly changes into a fast pace chase scene as the thief  runs into a building knocking down objects such as chairs and tables, in order to block the detectives path. Eventually the chase leads down to an alleyway with a fenced dead end, forcing the thief to attempt to climb over the fence as their only escape route.


(Scene 3 Gaining answers)- Detective captures new suspect, bringing them into the interrogation room, after their brawl in the alleyway. Questioned by the detective, eventually gaining answers about the murder investigation. Leading to information related to the murder.

(Scene 4 interrogation)- Detective follows up on given information, eventually causing the information to lead him back to his house, discovering that his family members are dead, leading to him being framed and put in jail.

4 Actors

5 Roles

  • Detective
  • Suspect 01
  • Suspect 02
  • Family members (wife and son)


  • LA Noire style clothing (Suits, formal trousers, formal shirt, fedora hat)
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Criminal uniform
  • Handcuffs


Idea 2

(Scene 1 The questioning)- The detective saying goodbye to his teenage daughter as she leaves the house. He receives a call on a investigation about constant killings of females, by having their faces sliced off while they’re alive. Detective consults the families, gathering information from them.

(Scene 2 The discovery)- The detective notices through questioning families and checking the bodies, that all five girls have the same necklace on, all looking brand new. Detective decides to ask around jewellery shops, pin pointing who bought the necklaces and when.

(Scene 3 Important information)- The detective discovers who bought the necklaces through descriptions of the buyer from the shop owner. Investigating in depth, the detective discovers the history of the killer that they have stalked females.

(Scene 4 Rush)- Eventually discovering the home of the murderer, searching their house, hidden photos of the victims targets are discovered. All girls with brown hair and green eyes. The detective notices an image of his daughter and immediate rushes home.

(Scene 5 Threat)- Detective  arrives at home, leaves car and rushes towards the door. Forcefully opening the door and seeing the killer, with a knife held up to his daughter’s face. Shouting warnings at the detective to stay back or he’ll carve his daughter’s face.


4 Actors

9 Roles

  • Detective
  • Daughter
  • Family 01 (mum and dad)
  • Family 02 (mum and dad)
  • Officer 01
  • Officer 02
  • Shop owner
  • Murderer
  • Each victim (just changing clothes)



  • LA Noire style clothing (Suits, formal trousers, formal shirt, fedora hat)
  • Fake knife
  • Cop uniform (LA Noire times)
  • Necklace
  • Crime scene tape or chalk body outline on floor
  • Photos relating to the scenes



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