Level Information

Sprite sheets:

My character sprite sheets of the main character, as there are four different motions. Walk, jump, idle and crouch, some of these is key for designing game characters motions. Some game characters may not need some of these animations, such as the game “Punch Club” where no jumping is involved. I designed my character with the typical peasant like clothing, dirty grey colours with tanned skin as their living environment is the desert. However I placed some red on the costume, which symbolises a royal colour but I want to inform the audience that the character is above his father by rebelling

Animation walk cycle.pnganimation-crouch-cycleanimation-idle-cycleanimation-jump-cycle

Another sprite sheet of parts and props of my created level.


These are design to display my characters health, using Adobe Photoshop I produced digitised versions of these from my sketchbook work thinking of multiple ways on how my HUD can be presented.




Here is my start menu pieces, I decided to use one of my drawn out scenes as the starting screen to the game. I thought about how I can make use of various drawings I did, instead of using them for only one purpose.

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Since this game was based around Egyptian times, i decided to use currency as more than just typical buying and selling purposes. Using money to aid my character by receiving health from the money wants the player makes the character interact with them.

coin sprite sheet.png


Throughout creating my game, it has brought me great challenges using Unreal Engine, however I have gain in depth knowledge using this software. My level displays a simple complexity, as there is no form of movement from platforms or other objects. I was aiming to achieve a clean 8 bit game style, as I lacked in knowledge using this software my potential ideas we’re not possible. I wanted to expand more within my game, use the money to upgrade the character’s health and fighting power in order to take on enemies, I kept to a certain colour pallet around a brown to yellow area to build up an affect for the player to be emerged in a desert environment. Within the future I am aiming to develop my skills when I come across another project such as this, making objectives, rewards, enemies, threats to kill the player. Creating a complete character crouch animation I failed at as the capsule had to stretch out while the character’s height decreases. I lacked level planning, as I did not produce a high standard level, through various methods such as with certain mechanic interactions for the character like hazards that destroys the character .


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