Noir Development Trailer

A Victim of Circumstance

Throughout this project my classmates and I got into groups of three or four, as we were given a task of creating a movie trailer based on the Noir style. Each group was giving a paragraph to base their trailer on, our paragraph was “A man or woman standing outside looking at a construction site assessing the scene, watching the cranes moving across the skyline. They take out their phone and dial a number, taking their other hand out of their pocket they look at their bruised and bloodied knuckles; they then get out a small envelope from the same pocket. They phone the phone to their ear, after a long pause they say “It’s done, but never ask me to do anything again!”. The four of us discussed as a group who’s trailer ideas we’re going to work on in depth, in order to achieve a high quality trailer. Eventually coming to a group agreement on one of our group member’s idea, using their plan in order to create our Noir trailer. We was all assigned a scene to work on individually, working on script, props, costume and storyboard (the scenes can be found on the chosen member’s blog Scene 3 is my assigned scene, as I will be acting as the robber in that scene and all other scenes, scene 3 is”Robber looking on street to find the money bag doesn’t find it. However finds civilians drivers licence”. Since the group and I want to perform this within a different area, we decided to perform this scene near Clapham Junction.


Camera scene shots:

Shot 1 Over shoulder shot, as robber is looking around for the money bag.

Shot 2- Wide long side shot, robber looking around the environment to find the bag.

Shot 3- Close up shot, see the expression on robbers face as they’re frustrated.

Shot 4-  Low angle shot of robbers feet, robber pauses for a brief moment.

Shot 5- Panning shot, as the camera moves towards the licence with focus from the side, while robber is displayed blurry in the background.

Shot 6- Medium shot, front view of robber walking towards the spotted licence.

Shot 7- First person shot, robber approaching card closer and seeing it on the floor.

Shot 8- Extreme long shot, side view of Robber bending down to pick up licence.

Shot 9-Medium close up, robbers facial expression while looking at the licence.

Shot 10- High angle shot with older shoulder shot, as camera moves across back of robbers head while they’re looking at the licence, keeping it hidden and unknown.



Robber: *aggravated tone of voice* Where the hell is the money!? (searching for money bag)

Robber: *aggravated tone of voice* Bloody fed (police) bastards, getting in the way. (searching for money bag)

Robber:*aggravated tone of voice* I need to find that guy. (searching for money bag)

Robber: What’s this? (as he spots and picks up licence)

Robber: Gonna get back my money. (while looking at the licence).

Costume (scene 3):

As this scene just involves myself acting as the thief. I aimed to have dark clothing, to be less visible to the human eye, while remaining undetected and hidden from the police. The LA Noire style hat (fedora), black scarf to hide face from police officer and black shoes, coat and white shirt. Dark clothing to remain hidden but a white shirt just to show that formality of how serious the thief is, in getting his objectives completed.


Below are the costumes on the actors, myself (Jordan) wearing my thief costume and Viktorija wearing here police costume in the middle, and her hostage outfit on the right.

jordan-in-costume-1Capture 2.PNGvictoria-in-costume





Here is my storyboard idea, thinking of camera angle shots and facial expressions. Using various shades to distinguish certain clothing and background layers.  Creating the story boards, I tried to incorporate a different type of shot within every section of the storyboard, to show potential ideas. Possibly switch the camera shots around for each section.file_000




Starting the introduction of the brief, this week in class we began choosing our groups and researching the LA Noire trailer, to gain ideas on how to plan out our trailer.


To begin this week I thought of multiple ideas and plans on how our film noir trailer would pan out, I came up with my two main ideas myself aside from my group and wrote them down in my blog.


The group and I in this following week came together and presented our ideas within the group. We discussed what ideas had potential and what we would choose in order to make our film trailer a big success.


Coming to a final group decision, we presented the chosen film concept to the lecturer, the film concept was our member Liam Gallacher’s concept #1 idea, called “A Victim Of A Circumstance”.


During this week, as a group myself, Liam Gallacher, Adil Hassan and Viktorija Strazdaite started costume planning and giving role assignments. In order to organise the film planning, making it easier allocating specific planning responsibilities, as each member of the group were assigned different a scene to direct, this included the responsibilities of script, the roles, costume planning, role planning and the shot planning. We also made a Whatsapp group chat  to communicate with our group members to discuss further changes or details on our trailer planning.


This following week, the group and I continued our efforts by  continuing work we produced on 12/5/16.


No Film Noir production this week


No Film Noir production this week


During this week, as a group we started to do actual videos recordings for our trailer, seeing possibilities and new ideas. We travelled to our original location which was Clapham Junction, Lavender Hill, Lavender Walk in order to film Scene 1 and 3. However there was a delay in our plan as there was a camera error, therefore we had to reschedule our filming date which was changed to 1/11/2016. Making progress we eventually filmed Scene 1 between 10:30 – 12:30 at Perry Court 26-28 // Old London Rd. Scene 2 was filmed on the 1/4/2016 between 12:30 and 14:00 after filming scene 1.


This week we filmed Scene 1 as stated above between 10:30-12:30 at Perry Court 26-28 // Old London Rd, then after scene 4 from 1:00 – 1:20 and finally Scene 3 was filmed between 4:00 – 4:30.


During this week, we began editing the scenes together to form our trailer.


During this week we were finishing the editing process by giving each other within the group feedback on how we can improve our final edit. Creating our final trailer.


A Victim of Circumstance roles:


  • Civilian no.1 (Liam Gallacher)
  •  Civilian no.2 ( Adil Hassan)
  • Police Officer (Viktorija Strazdaite)
  • Hostage (Viktorija Strazdaite)
  • Theif (Jordan Alexis-Ebanks)

Camera operator:

  • Viktorija Strazdaite
  • Liam Gallacher
  • Adil Hassan

Voice over:

  • Adil Hassan
  • Liam Gallacher


  • Jordan Alexis-Ebanks
  • Viktorija Strazdaite
  • Liam Gallacher
  • Adil Hassan


  • Viktorija Strazdaite
  • Liam Gallacher
  • Jordan Alexis-Ebanks
  • Adil Hassan
  • Stuart Thorne (Clothes holder)


  • Canon legria HF R SERIES
  • LED Spotlight

The LED spotlight was perfect tool in order to produce that mysterious atmosphere through the darkness, casting vigorous shadows to match Noir film style. The intense light exaggerates the shadows and highlights certain areas on the scenes, pinpointing the main focus within scenes.

The Canon legria HF R SERIES perfectly suitable for recording our scenes, simple camera to operate making it a quick process in filming and extracting the filmed footage. The quality of the camera wasn’t incredible good, however that was beneficial for the group and I, due to quality recording being not so great within the 1930-50s making our film seem more old.



Western Revolver

Below is a fake Western Revolver that our friend Stuart Thorne let us borrow to act out the final scene, which is scene 4. As the antagonist would need a weapon to threaten the hostage with, within the scene. Originally we thought about using a knife, however a fake knife would ruin the illusion and obviously a real knife could not be used. Therefore this 1700s gun would be more suitable as it matches the 1950s style noir style. Completely beneficial for the group and I, as it was free to use, very realistic and subtitle for the noir time period.



The bag below was in scene 1, as the thief needed an item to steal worth of value, therefore we deiced on something basic and typical. Just an innocent civilian getting robbed of their belongings. Any bag that wasn’t to flashy breaking the noir style was acceptable, ensuing that it looked full of something worth stealing. It may have a present day brand on the bag, however the bag was displayed mostly from the front angle, therefore not it was quite discrete.



Below is just a basic leather wallet, it suits the 1930-1950s as they commonly had leather wallets back then. Black colour making it difficult for the thief to search for it at night. It belongs to civilian 1, as they dropped their wallet after being knocked out off the way by the thief.



Television (computer)

Below is the video that was watched by the thief in scene 2, the thief discovers that they found the bag full of money as it was reported on the news. A small basic computer, simple to access as it was break time and we had permission from the college, therefore there were no environmental noise disturbing attention from the scene. Its not quite 1930-1950s themed, but it provided us with the short broadcast footage that we needed.


(Directed by Liam) Scene 1:

The two images below is our outside scene locations chosen for recording, however “image 2” was going to our original location but due to various issues, we decided to change to a new location was “image 2”. Doing this made it easy travel for the whole group and less costly, as the location is a 12 minute walk from the college. The issues preventing us from our original location were a low camera battery in the Canon legria HF R SERIES and a non functioning SD card within the backup camera provided by Liam. Discovering that we could have saved time, instead of calling it quits as all we needed to do was format the SD card before inserting it into a new camera. Information about this was provided by the filming department within college as they gave us feedback. Our lack of technology knowledge within the filming department cost us our time and travel expenses.


(Image 1)- Perry Court 26-28 // Old London Rd

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 13.07.40.png

(Image 2)- Lavender Hill // Lavender Walk, Clapham Junction

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 13.05.27.png

Lavender Hill // Lavender Walk, Clapham Junction, the original chosen set was ideal for recording our trailer, as it was a midway point for the entire group to meet at. Not to far away for everyone, making it not too difficult to get there along with the low cost to ravel by train or bus. We chose this location as we need a darkened ally way to give that suspicious atmosphere. When people thinking of alleyways, usually its bad influence, negative actions happening therefore we needed that as the civilian 1 is being robbed by the thief. Eventually escaping from the police officer down a dark alleyway, which was why the alley was needed as a hiding spot from the police, while civilian 2 was mistakenly accused of robbing civilian 1 by the police officer in pursuit.

Are schedule plan was to record scene one by 3:00pm, as the group and I decided this would be the best option as the robbery makes sense taking place when its dark outside, where no witness can see the corrupted action unfold. Also the natural darkness would emphasise the noir setting. However in the end, we filmed in daylight as we realised the setting can be used to our advantage better in the day, as we make use of the natural lighting hiding in the shadows of blind spots, if produced correctly. Using the same location for scene 3, both scene 1 and 3 flowed well together as the thief returns to the same location in scene 1. Suspiciously searching for the wallet dropped by civilian 2 in scene 3.

Perry Court 26-28 // Old London Rd our new chosen set environment, an easy location to travel to, as it was near the college making it very simple for all group members to get there. Saving everybody travel cost and journey time, therefore enabling the group and I to keep on top of our schedule plan and not slack behind forming a efficient easy process. Even though we changed environmental sets, it was even better than the first set as there was a close by ideal dark alleyway. As the thief, coincidentally there was a perfect hiding spot down, as I run down a gap hiding from the police officer, while enclosed in natural darkness. The downside in using this new location instead of Clapham Junction was that we had to retake filming many times, due to the scene being in front of shops causing pedestrians to walk past constantly. We had to redo recordings, the current century clothing breaks the illusion of noir style, eventually we had a breakthrough when pedestrians stopped  walking in our shots making our efficient team work get the filming done with those time gaps.


(Directed by Adil) Scene 2:

Below is scene 2, where the group and I was inside one the college’s classrooms filming in the second location. We chose this set as we needed a secret hideout for the thief, as he escapes from the officer and lays low. This was the ideal setting as we had options on if we wanted natural lighting coming through the windows, producing a soft light within the room. Or use the LED spotlight for that solid sharp distinctive shadow effect, style of noir films. In the end we blocked off the natural lighting and used the LED spotlight. Time wise, we decided that the best time to shoot this scene would be at break time, as we have a few hours to record and no outside will interfere with our recording as no one was around. Having that quiet atmosphere forced all the focus onto the thief, really enchaining that concentration on his face as the computer need for scene highlights his facial expression.

Kingston college class // 55 Richmond Rd, Kingston upon Thames KT2 5BP


(Directed by Jordan) Scene 3

As you can see below, Image 1’s set was used in another scene which was scene 3 director by me, the image below is a close up of the “image 1”, but of the chosen area for the actual recording that was taken place. My objective was to have this scene filmed at nighttime, showing that the thief came back later when it was dark, to search for the money back while remaining undetected from the police. No problems occurred when recording this scene as not many pedestrians were around to get in the shot, along with the fact that we filmed from a side road. Very dim outside noise was heard due to nighttime, therefore making tension fill the atmosphere as the thief searches for the money bag. Recording this scene was very straightforward and the fastest recorded scene out of the others, it took roughly 15 minutes to record. Unlike scene 1, which was the longest scene to record as it took roughly 3 hours.

Perry Court 26-28 // Old London Rd Kingston upon Thames // KT2 6QD


(Directed by Viktorija) Scene 4:

Below is scene 4, where we used the same location a scene 2. As the group and I like to produce our work efficiently while maintaining a high quality standard, we decided to use the same room but produce the scene at a different shot angle. Creating an illusion of a different scene environment. Since this room projects soft natural lighting for the windows , it made us want to use this room even more. As the thief invades civilian 1 and 2’s home, the warm lighting helps build up a home like environment while casting a big shadow of the thief and hostage. The focal point is shown through the lighting projecting towards the dire situation and who is in control. The environmental sound was very quiet, which impacted the scene forcing all the attention to be on the life or death situation, as we thought it was best to record this scene at break like in scene 2. While recording this scene, as it involved a lot of tension and emotional restraint, there was quite a lot of laughter as we found it hard to keep a straight face. However eventually we managed to keep a serious face throughout acting this scene.


Kingston college class // 55 Richmond Rd, Kingston upon Thames KT2 5BP 



Here below is our noir trailer, it is the first edited version, as we gained feedback from one another within the group on how we could improve the final outcome. Between 0:10-0:16 there was an error as we noticed that the bag switched hand between the shots, making it look unusual.


Below is the final completed version of our noir trailer, as a group we discussed what we could improve on and researched what noir films are like. Fade in and out black motions were added along with filtering the colour to a grey scale, making the whole trailer black and white, as all noir films are black and white.





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