Animation Treatment

My animation project has a title “Stationary in motion”. I have to produce a short 15-20 second animation, which would promote a stationary brand. The story revolving around glue sticks. I chose the glue stick as my main object, as I think that it has a simple shape and it would be easy for me to create it in Maya. That would allow me to create a few other objects and spend more time on them in order to convey the story better and include some anthropomorphic features.

The narrative will be about a lonely glue stick Geoffrey, who is jealous of another glue stick Peter, as he is spending time with a female glue stick Emily. Eventually, Geoffrey takes action and decides to head towards Peter enraged with jealousy. He is kicking Peter off the table that fall down into a bin. After that the lonely Geoffrey leans on Emily to show his affection.

The animation-targeted audience is age 10+ as the object is part of the basic stationary equipment. The main character Geoffrey, also known as the “lonely glue stick” is a male, as he finds it difficult to make friends with others. There would be two more glue sticks/ characters, Peter and Emily and some props: a sheet of white paper, rubber and a cup located all on a table and on the floor of the room there will be a bin.


I will use bright colours for the glue sticks and will choose two different nuances of blue colour for the males and pink to indicate the female glue stick.

Those objects will be located in an ordinary room and I will use separate light for each object to follow its action. I do not plan to use sound but I will use appropriate textures to compliment the shapes of the options.

I have chosen to include more objects and props because that will help me to convey the main idea and infer some emotions and feeling to the ordinary objects.


I will research my chosen objects and will record a short video in class to show how eventually those objects will interact with each other by mimicking the human feelings and emotions. In addition to that I will ask my teacher and peers for a feedback and I would reflect on that in order to improve my work. I will need a phone camera to record the short video, Computer with the relevant software (Maya, Photoshop, After Effects) and a sketchbook to collect my initial ideas, storyboard and sketches.


It is very likely to face some challenges trough the process of making my 3D animation mainly in terms of the digital representation of my ideas, but I will overcome those problems by watching more tutorials for example how to add texture to my objects, export file to After Effects etc. I will design a weekly planer for my project in order to avoid some possible delays and have enough time to solve the problems.


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