Glue animation Planning

Below are just experimental movements for my animation. Using two different tables within my home, a wooden table and a marble table. As you can see the first slide show is view at a an angled birds eye view, the wooden table I chose to having a basic layout of typical school equipment,as the animation must involve stationary equipment. Glue sticks, a pencil case, a pencil, paper, a rubber and cup just to set the hardworking scene. The animation plan, glue stick escaping from pencil case, the movement is then the glue sticks physics, rolling around eventually building up momentum to stand up right.

(Set 1)


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Below here, is my second set up idea for my animation, using another table within my home which is a marble table. This setup is much less complex within certain areas, rather than the first idea on the wooden table.The scene is paper, a pencil, rubber and possibly a glass jar filled with drawing equipment. Trying to enforce a casual setup. This animation instead of making the character remain in a single environment, the glue stick roles over paper. Eventually towards the edge of the table, falling off onto the floor. I like the falling idea, expanding on that possibly making the glue fall into another object/prop.

(Set 2)


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Through constantly thinking of how challenging it will be do build and sculpt models of the objects using Maya, how should the scenery should be presented and the layout and motion of the stationary. I decided to merged the two scenes together, taking individual sections, fusing them together to construct the perfect scene. Set 2’s scene shall be used, the cream coloured wall with the zebra patterned marble table, joint with set 1’s simple object layout. Coming to this conclusion was narrowed down, as my skill in using Maya is not as high as I wanted it to be, therefore I lacked knowledge to expand on my ideas, limiting my creativity. Such as the glass cup filled stationary objects (scissors, different styled pens and pencils). Following through with using  set 1 stationary layout, is not complex but may present itself effectively, creating that illusion of a living soul  within the glue stick. Even the most basic animations produced properly can leave an incredible impact on the audience, grabbing their attention through the eye catching animation’s atmosphere.


Here are sketches I produced, displaying possible motions my glue stick can do. Since I started to think outside the box, I gained multiple methods as I did not want my glue stick to travel the typical way by rolling. As this groups the character together with other typical glue sticks, I wanted Geoffrey (lonely glue stick) to be a Shepard instead of a sheep, by having his own characteristics. By the way he looks, walks, jumps and ways of solving obstacles making him individually special.


Below is my storyboard, through constant planning and decision making, I came to a conclusion and chose set 1’s object layout. The layout maybe be simple, but has the potential to become a great animation if produced to a high standard. Originally Geoffrey roles over towards the Emily and Peter, however later on I change his movement pattern to make him stand out individually. At the start of forming together my ideas for my animation, originally I planned to have one glue stick just walking towards another glue stick, kicking him off the table into a bin. However I knew that was a boring story, therefore I decided to turn this into a rival love story. Giving plot and character objectives/purpose, as Geoffrey challenges Peter’s authority over winning Emily’s heart.


Simple sketches below of my characters and a little information about them, distinguishing them from one another. Their colour and personality are written on the pages. Distinguishing them from one another, giving them human traits.


I decided to do a quick digital drawing of the characters, coloured giving a more clean idea of how they will be presented. On the left which is Peter, the not so friendly flirty type, the bad boy glue stick. I chose different shades of red (warm and cool) to highlight danger, as red is a symbol of danger and rage, therefore entire glue stick Peter is bad news to hang around with.

Centre glue stick known as Geoffrey, the typical glue stick colour with unique personal features, such as his way of movement and personality. Geoffrey is a very shy character, as he finds it extremely hard to make friends and interact with others due to his shyness. However he has a good heart as he is always very kind, caring about others and not selfish unlike Peter, as there to personalities don’t match they’re most likely to clash as enemies.

On the right is the beautiful lady glue stick, Emily. She has a very caring personality much similar to Geoffrey’s, she usually attracts attention to herself mainly from males. She enjoys living life to the fullest, making friends easily as others are attracted to her cheerful personality.




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