Movement Testings

Here is all of my video footage that I recorded using my phone. Within one of my lessons while working on this project, we had to leave the classroom in groups of two, acting out different movements in order to incorporate them with our chosen stationary object. My friend Stuart and I, initially started recording inside the college building, however we decided to record outside as we have much more freedom to perform various movements. We took acted out a movement for one another, as his object was a compass and mine was a glue stick, therefore having different movement patterns. We wanted to give typical human movements, such as a happy walk, sad and angry, when happy the human arms swing more with relaxed hands while maintaining an upright posture, walking at a quick pace. Sad the human body is more leaned forward, having a slouched posture while arms swing lifelessly and head looking down while the walking movement is slow. The human movement filled with anger, fists tightly clench while have walking furiously stomping, causing swaying of the body more.


Other movement motions, goofy, rolling and running up stairs.. Just through random experimentation, just encase my character is goofy and weird, therefore I just wanted a random movement seeing how it would turn out. As you can see Stuarts body was more leaned back, legs taking the lead ahead while his arms are behind is back. Instead of using legs for movement, I decided a rolling motion as my character is a glue stick, rolling is the objects motion as it is a cylinder. Having Stuart roll down a slope just to see that movement in person. The final motion was having him run up stairs, as my character make face and obstacle blocking is path, therefore doing this gives me a basic grasp on how he will interact with the environment to form a solution.


Various movement motions I did within class, each representing the characters mood and his speed. First I did just an average glue stick walk, as the prop doesn’t have legs therefore forcing a hope motion to travel, besides rolling. The happy hop motion, swaying the top of the glue stick side to side, each jump it takes. As it does not have arms, I deiced to sway the character body, idea gained from the happy arm swinging motion demonstrated by Stuart. More ideas from Stuarts sad walk motion, the glue character jumps while leaning posture forward and jump very slowly as the energy in the object is little due to their sadness (slow hopping motion). The final glue motion within class, just a typical rolling movement, even less effort required for this as this happens even when you accidentally know over a glue stick.


At home, I did more movement testings, but these are different as they’re done on the possible setting for my animation with the chosen layouts. Set 1 on top of a wooden table, displaying my original idea of a glue stick rolling into another glue stick, knocking it off the edge of the table.


Here is set 2 on top of a marble table, knocking the glue stick off the table by jumping into them, kicking them off. Various speeds as I wanted to see how the glue stick would fall, due to the impact speed from the moving glue stick. Depending on how how fast the impact was, as one glue stick strikes the other, the further out the fall distance gap is from the table. As the glue stick is more heavy at the top than the bottom, due to the bottom bit being hollowed out, along the impact hitting the top of the glue stick causes the glue to fall to the floor top first while have a slow rotation stopping around 170- 200 degrees.

This recording below was just a quick movement of the glue stick hopping towards the edge of the table, falling off.








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