The project that the group and I are currently producing is for a game virtual reality trailer, which is called ‘Cup Cake Madness’. The trailer shall be 20 seconds long, the targeted audience shall be 16 and above due to the disturbing back story. It Involves the protagonist named ‘Jordan’, who is 30 years old. He lives in Orlando Florida with his family, his son Tyson aged 2 and daughter Amy aged 3, and is happily married to his wife Sarah.

Outside he is watering his garden, then suddenly his house combusts into flames, engulfing his family in the flames burning to death. He then realises what tragedy has happened to his family, causing him to go insane with grief. He’s not deemed safe to be out in public, therefore he’s placed into a mental hospital within an isolation room, due to the grieving breakdown. Developing even more insanity, to cope with this, Jordan creates an imagery world within his head that involves cup cakes. The cup cakes turn hostile attacking Jordan,realising that he has trapped himself within his own mind, affecting him making him go even more insane. In order to escape from the insanity, he fights the cup cakes using an imaginary frying pan, battling hordes of cup cakes. Progressing to various levels, eventually defeating the birthday cake boss on the final level, therefore escaping from his trapped mind to find himself sane again while restrained within the mental hospital isolation room.


Finalised Treatment:

After further developing our VR Promo project, we confirmed the final treatment which is similar to my own version as you can see above. The final story involves the same tragic backstory event, causing the death of his family. He is trapped within his insane mind, filled with illusions of cupcakes. Terrified as one appears alive in front of him, he kills it with a frying pan causing multiple cupcakes to appear. Leading to the camera zooming out displaying that the protagonist Jordan as he is shown insane within the isolation room.

As a team we planned that the promo trailer displays the opening scene of the protagonist already trapped within the cupcake world, not as actual gameplay. Before this, the beginning of promo 2-4 seconds displaying our company logo, breaking into first-person perspective from the protagonist’s point of view. Roughly 20 seconds shall be the confliction between Jordan and the cupcakes. The scene next shall warp to reality of Jordan in the straitjacket, leading to the name of the game which is called Cupcake Choas!!1!.




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