VR/AR Research

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality formed using computer technology to generate life like sounds, images and other realistic effects, in order to replicate a real environment, giving that sense of realism within the fake atmosphere.  Replicating real life within technology to trick the minds sense’s, along with simulating presences of the user within then environment. The purpose of this was created to achieve a temporary environment whilst removing limitations, building up any environmental scene no matter where someone is.

More than 80 years ago, the first development of multiple simulations were created such as Link Trainer the first flight simulator created by Edward Link (1929), Morton Heilig’s first VR Head mounted display (1961) and the first VR / AR head mounted display called Sword of Damocles, created by Ivan Sutherland and his student Bob Sproull (1968). Virtual reality is used in a wide variety of things such as healthcare/surgery, in the military, architecture, art, entertainment, education, business, the media, sports and rehabilitation/treatment of phobias.

With current century VR equipment, you can look around whole body 360 degrees, move around and interact with the virtual reality world through the VR headset and controllers. VR headset is commonly known through the games and creative industry that use the equipment, such as Tilt Brush, Space Pirate Trainer, Holopoint, e.t.c. My personal experience in playing Space Pirate Trainer, as I had the controllers in each hand as guns while I shot robot targets attacking me. Tilt Brush is popular as anyone can easily interact with the simulation as you can create 3D artwork, through painting and drawing producing art from multiple perspectives.

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VR Timeline:

1929 –The first flight simulator, invented by Edward Link which was linked to the rudder and steering column, controller by motors in order to modify the pitch and roll.


1950’s – Morton Heilig’s Sensorama, a device that stimulates all  senses, confined within an arcade style cabinet.


1968 – Ivan Sutherland and his student Bob Sproull invented the first VR/AR head mounted display. Which was called the Sword of Damocles.

Image result for Sword of Damocles vr#

1991 – Virtual group arcade machines


1993 – SEGA announce new VR glasses. At the Consumer Electronics Show in 1993, SEGA announced their VR headset for the Sega Genesis console.


1995 – Nintendo Virtual Boy. Originally known as VR-32, which was the first ever portable console displaying true 3D graphics.


1999 – The film called ‘The Matrix’ was released in 1999.

Image result for the matrix

2013- Oculus Rift. Headset developed and manufactered by Oculus VR.

Oculus Consumer Version 1.jpg

2016- Playstation VR. The virtual reality headset created for the PlayStation 4 console.

Image result for Playstation VR


Augmented Reality

A similar effect to virtual reality, however augmented reality has artificial effects seen directly or indirectly within the real world environment. GPS (Global Positioning System), sound, graphics and video are augmented through computer-generated sensory. Augmented reality was described Researcher Tom Caudell created the term “augmented reality” in 1990. Besides for gaming, like virtual reality, this simulation was used for useful methods for research and experimentation. Virtual graphics was blended onto a physical reality, which was used by aircraft electricians.

Augmented reality was used for other useful methods, 1992 Louis Rosenberg developed one of the first functioning AR systems, built for air forces. Allowing the military to perform tasks, as they controlled virtual guided machinery. AR was developed for entertainment purposes, 1994 Julie Martin, the creator of first ever augmented reality theatre production, as virtual objects on a physical stage were danced around by acrobats.


AR Timeline:

1968- Ivan Sutherland and his student Bob Sproull developed the first head-mounted display system. Allows the user to see simple wire-frame drawings, due to the computer-generated graphics.

Image result for Sword of Damocles vr#

1974- Myron Krueger built an artificial reality.  Silhouettes imitated onscreen due to combine projectors with video cameras. Within a laboratory called the ‘Videoplace’.

Image result for Myron Krueger artificial reality

1992- Louis Rosenberg develops Virtual Fixtures. An exoskeleton upper body developed for air forces, as it allowed them to virtually guide machinery. Also it was one of the earliest functioning.

Image result for Louis Rosenberg develops Virtual Fixtures

1994- Julie Martin. invented first augmented reality Theatre production, called the “Dancing in Cyberspace”.

1999- Battlefield Augmented Reality System (BARS). Which was developed by Naval researchers.

Image result for augmented Reality System (BARS)

2013- Car manufacturers begin to use augmented reality as the new age vehicle service manuals.

2016- Microsoft HoloLens Developer Kit and the Meta 2 Developer Kit.

Image result for Microsoft HoloLens Developer Kit

Image result for Meta 2 Developer Kit



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