Green Screen Edit

Throughout this project, one of the tasks are that my group and I shall be each editing a green screen recording of myself. Comparing which one is produced the best, selecting the most suitable one for our game promo trailer. Below I shall explaining the process on how I created my green screen edit.

Using Adobe After Effects, once my chosen footage was placed into the software, using the pen tool I cut around myself in the video, to make erasing the green screen background from the footage much easier.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 09.24.21.png

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 10.22.04.png

Pressing the ‘m’ key, opening up the mask and clicking on the stop watch creating a key frame.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 10.28.11Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 10.28.54

Changing the cut section of myself within the green screen, ensuring that the green screens crumpled surface is cropped out of my recorded scene. As I cropped section as movement was happening within the scene, key frames were added displaying each cropped section that was editedCapture

Capture 2

Next, going into effect to select the keylight plug-in already within Adobe After Effects.

Capture 3.PNG

Using the screen colour selection tool, I selected the greenscreen background colour, making it appear black in order to display areas that light effects and unusual areas. Such as lighting and crumpled sections.

Capture 4Capture 5

Using the keylight’s effects, tweaking the screen gain, screen balance and other adjustments. I changed the background to a bright pink colour to see what areas need to be adjusted in order to prevent any of the green screen appearing over myself. I have removed unwanted lighting shining and crumpled areas that ruins the scene, showing a clear background while the green screen does not appear on the recording.

Capture 7.PNG

Finally placing in my chosen background for the isolation room, I slowly decreased the size along with the recording of myself to show a zooming out effect.

Within our group of five, we each made our own green screen edit for the final scene of the game promo trailer, in order to choose the best edited one. Between me and my group members, Stuart Thorne, Harry Johnston, Adil Hassan and Matthew Miller, we all decided to choose Harry’s green screen edit. As his was well edited, leaving no green screen appearing within the recording, along with his background effect displaying a crazy like effect. I think mine wasn’t chosen ass my edit around myself within the recording could have been  more smoothed out, to remove rough edges, for a realistic appearance. Also the camera holding, you hear movement of the camera at the end of the recording within my edit.


A very common technique I used when produced my green screen version, which is called chroma keying. It involves removing the background of a recording, then replacing it with another environment, mostly used withing news-casting, video game industries and film productions. The colour green or blue is normally used as the background for editing, as the colours distinguish the difference between human skin colour, making it much simpler to edit the background without problems such as colour clashing.

Various things are important when using a green screen, such as lighting, smooth surface of the screen and distance of the screen. Lighting really needs to be adjusted appropriately to match the chosen environment, as the lighting can ruin the atmosphere, for example if a scene is being recorded to be dark and scary, bright light would impact the scene ruining the dim scary effect.  Lighting from multiple angels, to gain that natural generic effect.

Using giant green sheets of fabric for the background can cause issues if not checked properly, as creases and tears can be see within the editing footage when in post-production, ruining the planned effect.

Image result for green screen before and after gif

Image result for green screen before and after gif film

Image result for green screen before and after gif film


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