Reflection and roles

Today I am talking about certain things, on what was positive and negative within our groups VR promo trailer.

What went well?:

  • The green screen recording that the group and I produced went very well, as the recording session involved little time consuming as it was a very short simplistic scene. Costume was very simple to get, as it was a basic white shirt with a white sheet layer, resembling the ideal straitjacket for the scene.
  • Group teamwork went smoothly, as we produced work at an efficient rate, while interacting with one another giving feedback on what needs improving for each member of the group.
  • Our team member Matthew Miller, produced an amazing 3D layout of the scene, of the kitchen within our promo trailer at a high level of quality, at an efficient pace.
  • Harry Johnston produced clear, high quality concept art, making it easy for the group to understand his initial ideas and design plan.


What didn’t go so well?:

  • Some of the group members were confused with what their roles were, within the group and weren’t sure on what needed to be done.
  • Constant changes were made within the group, due to slight disagreements.
  • Producing the recording within the green screen room, not every member was helping whilst recording was taking place.
  • Not all group members were in on some days, making it much more difficult to perform some tasks that needed more than one person.


How could it be improved?:

  • If group members knew what their roles were, then there would be less confusion making quicker pace in producing work.
  • A sorted plan at the start of the project, so that everyone knows exactly what they’re doing.

My role:

  • Story Board artist
  • Actor
  • Post-production editor alongside Harry
  • Costume Designer
  • Sound effect/music finder

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