Below is a quick scrap drawing I did of my plan for our VR promo trailer. After we each drew our own storyboards, we came together and decided as a group that we shall be using my storyboard and Harry’s. Picking out drawn scenes from one another’s storyboard, in order to structure a great storyboard outcome.


Below is the final storyboard that I drew of our planned VR promo trailer. Obviously it is not a scrap drawing, as I wanted the storyboard to be presented clearly.

Scene 1- The opening scene of our company name.

Scene 2- Medium shot of kitchen from front view (first person).

Scene 3- Semi long shot of kitchen front view from another angle (first person).

Scene 4- Close up shot of cupcake staring at person (first person).

Scene 5- Close up shot of person grabbing frying pan (first person).

Scene 6- Medium shot of person holding pan, ready to smash the cupcake (third person).

Scene 7- Close up shot of person holding pan to smash cupcake (first person).

Scene 8- Close up shot of cupcake getting smashed (first person).

Scene 9- Medium shot of cupcake smashed remains on frying pan (third person).

Scene 10- Close up shot of person’s face going insane (third person).

Scene 11- Zoomed out shot of person in straitjacket within the isolation room (third person).

Scene 12- Final scene of game name/logo being displayed.

VR Story Board 01VR Story Board 02VR Story Board 03

Below is another version from my original storyboard, as I draw arrows and lines to symbolise actions, emotions and movement.


Below again is another version from my original storyboard, I experimented with inputting shadows and making it look like a grey scale type storyboard.


Below is my digitised version of my final storyboard, as I produced this within Adobe Photoshop. Scanning my drawing and importing it into Photoshop, I then used various tools, such as the pen tool, brush tool, marque tool and various other tools.

VR Story Board digital 01VR Story Board digital 02VR Story Board digital 03



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