Throughout this project I learnt of new software, such as Adobe Fuse where the main purpose of the software is for creating character models. Maya I have gained firm knowledge on how to produce more efficient and detailed work, whilst learning of new tools and techniques. The graph editor, used quite a lot within my animation for smoothing out the ships movements across the water, ensuring that there are no sharp turns as the ship I made has no sails. I decided to produce the ship without sails as I my plan was to focus on capturing the natural movement of the ship, drifting on top of the water.

Many improvement could’ve been made within this project, as I lacked in many digital drawings and hand drawings of ships and various potential ideas. A splash from the water along with other wave physics were quite complicated, due to problems with frame rate and the animation speed was making it even harder to build up waves from friction. I had various plans but did not manage to get round to producing some of them such as creating my own sound effects and more concept art. However after gaining feedback on my work from friends and teachers, I made major improvements, such as going from my original idea of creating a physical pop up book to a 3D animation. I can see I made the right choice as feedback given is very positive on my ship model and the natural movement of it swaying within the water.

I highly enjoyed creating my animation, learning new things and producing a decent outcome. I should have better planned my whole project idea instead of hitting constant problems and produced more detailed planning in depth, visual and physically. Overall I am satisfied with my final animations outcome and the knowledge that I have gain in using Maya.


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