Final Major Project development

Designing multiple looks and forming concept art ideas for my Pirate art game in the form of pop-up book, as i plan to display multiples levels within sections of my book. Currently I am debating weather to produce this book in either 3D, 2D or a mixture of both.

Image result for popup pirate book

Image result for pop up pirate book

As producing this style of work is new to me, I am researching on how to produce a pop-up book, possibly using other techniques such as pull-strips and automatic pull-strips.


After feedback from my teacher on my project, we had a discussion and came to a conclusion that I should create the booking within Maya, as an animation of the book displaying scenes of my game concept. Using the internet to gather my research data on how I will be producing my final major project such as software guidance.

My first time using Adobe Fuse I found very different, as I have never experienced using software specifically designed for creating 3D models of characters. Adobe Fuse is incredibly easy to use, as the customisation is similar to a game customisation as you can morph any part of the model, from head to toe. More accurate detail can be changed, through using the wireframes and faces of the model.


As you can see below, I tried to create a 3D model of two of my characters. Firstly trying to create Black Beard as close as possible to the potential costume design. It is possibly to make up the clothing from scratch, however multiple softwares will have to be using in order to build the clothing structure and textures. Current softwares I have learnt along with ones out of my knowledge range needed to be used, following a very complicated process. Making Black Beard using clothing provided within Adobe Fuse, I just change the textures to make it as close to pirate wear as possible.

Capture 2

Below is the second experiment with this software, trying to create a female pirate below. Produced using the same method as the Black Beard model, changing textures as my knowledge is very limited in using this beta software.

Capture 3

Vasa Ship:

Through producing various work medium and developing my final major project for the year, I had to build up a story for my animation using actual historical events to base my ideas around. I research into sinking ship events, discovering a ship known as the Vasa (or wasa) which was a Swedish war ship built between 1626 and 1628. Gustavus Adolphus, the king of Sweden ordered to have the ship built as “part of the military expansion he initiated in a war with Poland-Lithuania (1621–1629)”. A unfortunate action caused the Vasa to capsize into the ocean, as “thirty men ran back and forth across the upper deck to start the ship rolling, in order to test the boat to see if it could handle the motion”. However the “admiral stopped the test after they had made only three trips, as he feared the ship would capsize.”

Image result for Vasa (ship)

Image result for Vasa (ship)


Another sinking ship disasters, well known throughout history. Using this as an example in order to aid me with my 3D animation outcome and animation plan. The RMS titanic was well known for its enormous size, being 882 ft 9 in length and 175 ft in height. The Olympic class ocean liners, first the RMS Olympic, second the Titanic and third the HMHS Britannic. All three of the ships were the largest vessels of the White Star Line’s fleet (British ship company). The titanic was also well known for its unfortunate disaster as the ship collided with an iceberg, as the ship was heading for its destination from Southampton to New York City. The ship rolled upside down causing many passengers to drown as they were trapped in areas of the ship, aslo passengers froze to death trying to escape the ship as there was limited life boats, therefore impossible to swim in the ice water.  An estimate of 2,224 passengers and crew were aboard but more than 1,500 died that day.

RMS Titanic 3.jpg


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