Final Major Project Treatment

The title shall be called “Scurvy dogs”

3D animation.

My animation shall be between the time limit of 60-180 seconds.

Target Audience:
As this is a realistic 3D animation, the targeted audience is anyone at any age as the animation is not explicit.

The start of my animation is presented with a closed book on top of a table, opening up revealing multiple scenes within pages. Displaying scenery for pirates as animated movement is presented within each scene. Eventually the closing scene will be just of the book closing on itself.

Character Breakdown:
The main antagonist is the pirate Black Beard, trying to kill all pirates and rule over the seven seas. The main protagonist however is a man called D, who protects his crew mates as he values his own crews life. Other none main antagonist are Black Beard’s crew members, along with other none main protagonists D’s crew members.

Visual Elements:

Various effects of lighting shall be used within each scene, effecting the atmosphere of each scene as the lighting changes for different pages suiting the chosen environment.  Camera movement will be used, displaying the scene from various angles. Multiple props shall be used, such as cannons and barrels for example to build up the pirate layout.


Audio will either be made or gotten from the internet, and will change dramatically for each scene to suit the environment.


Originally I chose to do a physical pop up book, presenting a level as 2D 16 bit concept art. However after discussions with my teacher, we came to a new conclusion that my original idea would be altered. Producing a 3D realistic animation, I will need to study hard on how to produce realistic 3D models, as I lack knowledge using 3D software. Therefore this will be a great experience for me.

Primary and secondary research:

I have researched into various types of ships and what they’re specifically designed for. Also i plan to research further into weapons used by pirates and clothing.

Requirements and resources:

Possible audio from Free sound may be require, for sound effects and possible music sound. Creating my project work, Adobe Photoshop will be used to digitise my concept drawings. I will be using Maya to build the 3D model along with making the animation. Characters will be developed using Adobe Fuse.

Constraints and contingency:

Most likely problem with my creation process will be the actual creating of the model, as I lack the knowledge in creating what I have planned. Also doing the page flip with the scene structure popping out while an atmosphere builds up is going to be very challenging.


The whole project should only cost £12.00 as I pay monthly for Adobe software. Maya is for free therefore the project is very cheap to produce.



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